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As I am sure most of you know by now, because it is plastered all over the decor magazines out there, the color of the season is…Amethyst (also known as Violet).

Amethyst, Violet, or some sort of jewel toned purple always comes back around about every two-three years to start the Fall collection. I am not exactly sure why, but it has been selected again. If it is in the interiors’ world then it will be showing up in the fashion world as well. So get ready.
Even though Amethyst/Purple is not my favorite color to use, here’s a few yummy patterned fabrics this season:
You can also add a little pizzaz with some of these wallpapers. And yes, wallpaper IS BACK and in full swing! Don’t be scared!
Now for my color choice of the season…
It is a tie between Sherwin Williams: Sea Serpent 7615 and Seaworthy 7620. All I need to say is “mmmmmmmm…”!!! (this picture absolutely doesn’t do them justice – you can’t match web display colors to the real thing!!) And for you cyber-art nerds out there, I also included the RGB values for each swatch.
Seaworthy: (on left)Sea Serpent: (on right)
r:66 g:89 b:99r: 76 g:88 b:96

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