Tip Tuesday: Easy Holiday Decor Change

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Want an inexpensive instant decor change before the holidays? You can have a completely different look by just changing and adding a few minor items in your room. Just pick a color(s) and go for it! For example, all you need to do to successfully change your look in your living room is change the following…

1- Accent Pillows
2- Lamp or Lamp Shades
3- Throw/Blanket
4- Accessories
5- Accent Rug
I guarantee it will give you a completely different look and everyone will think you redecorated your whole room!
Here’s an example of this strategy using the color green.
Add a fun tray on a side table or your ottoman:
If you can’t find the perfect color for a lamp, you can always add a different shade or decorative trim to the shade.
Also, you can change the look of your lamps by putting them on top of a charger (round or square) or a square placemat. It adds instant color and focus to your lamps. Chargers and placemats aren’t just for your table settings!!!
Or add a fun table runner across your media console, coffee table, or sofa table:
Your pillows don’t have to be a solid color they just need a little bit of your chosen color in them like these:
Put a bunch of these in a glass bowl or apothecary glass container. There are also lots of fun colored decorative balls out there that would look great in glass containers or jars.
Just add a few small decorative items around the room keeping with the same color tones.
If you need extra seating for the holidays, these are great to use as side chairs from Target and they also stack for storage. Put some small rectangular back pillows in them for a dresser look.
Put a fabric or leather basket/box in your room and fill with books, magazines or wood logs:
Candles are an easy way to throw in a new color:
Festive starters! Trees are coming out in lots of colors and materials this year!

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