Color Personality

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I’ve got color on my mind. So, here’s a little color psychology with tips for where to use these colors in your house or work space. I’ve added some additional commentary and ideas to the references below, but I want to thank Michele Bernhardt for her ‘Color Personality‘ article in House Beautiful¬†which I used as the base analysis for the color references listed below.

What color defines you?

Pink= LOVE: Opens The Heart
Pink is gentle and soothing (hence why it is the universal color for a baby girl). It promotes tenderness and is a comfort in times of emotional transition. Use pink in a room when you are trying to increase receptivity and understanding.
Bright Red= ENERGY: Will Fortify You
Red is a stimulant. It promotes courage and fearlessness. Use this color when you want to increase self-confidence. However, too much red can make you feel overly excited or agitated. You would generally want to avoid the use of red in a child’s bedroom, classroom, or fitness center.
Paired with yellow, red also helps to stimulate hunger. Which is why it is used in dining areas or fast food restaurants that have some sort of yellow or red in their signs and logos.
Dark/Deep Red (Blood Red/Maroon)= SENSUALITY: Inspires Passion
Deep red helps awaken the libido. Use this color to move you through inhibitions and emotional blocks that prevent you from expressing your self. This color will remind you to live life fully and to love your body.
Orange= CREATIVITY: Expands Your Thinking
Orange reduces self-consciousness and allows you to express yourself with confidence. Use orange in your home when you want to feel younger. It is the color of laughter and celebration and is a great choice for creative office spaces or play areas.
Yellow= CONCENTRATION: Increases Your Focus
Yellow is known for enhancing intelligence and mental agility. It can help stimulate conversation and clarify thoughts.
Light Green (Sage/Lime Green)=PROSPERITY: Increases Wealth
Green is the primary color in nature, it corresponds with life’s riches. It is the color of fresh starts and growth. Lighter shades of green will encourage you to honor your unique talents and manifest them in the material world.
Dark Green (Hunter Green/Kelly Green)= HEALTH: Color Of Healing
Green also represents nourishment and helps steady the body, balancing your equilibrium and encouraging stability. Use a darker shade of green to rejuvenate yourself, to promote physical and emotional well-being. A great use of this color would be in a small reading nook or sitting area that you use for reflection and rejuvenation.
Aqua= REST: Inspires Trust
Aqua is the color to use when you need to relax. Wear or surround yourself with it if you have difficulty sleeping, dreaming, or meditating. This is why there has been an increase of the “aqua and brown” color palette in spas and master bedrooms.
Light Blue= CALM: Sense Of Peace
Light blue dissolves tension and promotes tranquility. It especially brings ease into the home and harmony into relationships. Wearing or surrounding yourself with light blue, helps calm aggressive tendencies and eliminates discord.
Dark/Deep Blue (Navy/Midnight Blue)= ORDER: Encourages Efficiency
Deep Blue will purify your thinking, so you can cut through the clutter and discover what is most important in your life. It helps you integrate the big picture with the little picture. Wear dark blue when you need to make a decision. Areas surrounding a desk or workspace that you often use for task-oriented work are a good choice for using this color.
Light Purple (Violet)= SPIRITUALITY
Light purple will help you connect to a higher plane. Purple encourages a fresh perspective on emotional issues. By reminding you that we are all connected, it will deepen your sense of humanity. Use light purple in your home to enhance compassion and to experience friends and family.
Dark/Deep Purple (Amethyst/Plum)= BALANCE
Deep purple is often associated with luxury, wealth and sophistication. However, it also helps balance the body and mind as well as suppresses hunger. This color brings peace and combats fears. Use purple in rooms to increase creativity and imagination and to provide a touch of glamour and elegance.

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