Tip Tuesday: Trim Colors

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Everyone thinks that choosing your paint colors will change your whole room, and to some degree, they are right. However, selecting the proper trim color is extremely important as well (and no, all whites and ivories aren’t the same)! Picking a trim color is very difficult because some have grey, pink, yellow, green or blue undertones. There are many, so called “whites” out there that it becomes overwhelming.

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t just slap up the painters white on your trim. You want to choose a trim that will compliment your paint colors. So, I am going to try and ease your selections by giving you my three favorite Sherwin Williams┬átrim colors.
My tendency is to avoid using the traditional painters bright white and to select a softer ivory tone instead. It will still stand out against your walls (except if your walls are white) but it just doesn’t glare at you like some of the whites out there. You want the trim to be an accessory in your room and not the focal point.
These trim colors I am sharing with you also compliment many paint colors that you may choose for your walls.
1- Decor White
SW 7559
2- Roman Column
SW 7562
3-Dover White
SW 6385
I prefer using a semi-gloss or glossy finish for the trims so they clean well and make a little “pop” around your rooms.

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