The Finale

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I completed a beautiful new construction last week after working with some wonderful clients for eight months. This journey like many others included the selection of everything—tile, countertops, interior and exterior paint and stone, roofing, trim, flooring, lights, hardware, ceiling designs, trim designs, layouts, fabric, etc.

It was also amazing because I truly got to know my clients, contractors and sub contractors on different levels than the home owner’s ever get to experience. I get to encounter the behind-the-scenes work and have the opportunity to see the true craftsmanship that takes shape to make the vision a reality. This is the best part of my job everyday.

I try to become close with everyone involved in projects because I believe you should get to know them personally. You want them to feel special and unique, you treat them equally, and you show them respect and thankfulness. Designers and craftsmen should be able to communicate well and work well together in order to have a successful project. You should show them the gratitude they deserve because they are the individuals that are working to turn your plan for a home into something tangible. They are true craftsmen and tradesmen/women.

I named my business Nested Interiors in 2006 because I was in awe of how birds carefully and beautifully selected different individual objects to create their nests. These are the nests they make to have their babies—their families. This is what I strive to do. My goal is to not only to accomplish my client’s visions, but truly get to know them as people. They then quickly become part of my family and this is why it is so painful when my projects come to an end. And I mean this about each and every client and every tradesmen that enters a house.

I may not say it to all of them or say it enough throughout a project, but each client touches my heart in one way or the other. Each one of the contractors, builders, and sub contractors I work with touch my heart. Not only because they work so hard, but because they are honest and sincere and are skilled on so may levels that we can not be.

There are so many pressures that are unforeseen and sleepless nights because they/we want to make sure this dream becomes a place that is safe, secure, and structurally sound. We all want that, and we all understand this is more than just a building for each client. I have been so grateful to see the contractors, foremen and sub contractors as passionate people whom I genuinely care for—this is truly a privilege. Passion is what drives us as individuals and passion is only found in the heart.

Yes, I did shed some tears this week that were a mixture of happiness and sadness. Happy tears in my heart because it was worth every minute and every relationship and every bond that comes into creating a house, and sad tear because the journey is over. I feel this after every project.

I’ll miss the house that we got to mold, shape and bring to life. This will be a house that a wonderful family gets to call home and build a lifetime of memories. This was a house that was carefully selected and purposefully planned. This house was built out of sweat, love and compassion from each individual that entered the doors. This house had many hands create and mold it from the very start to the very finish. This house has now become a home. It’s a beautiful home for so many reasons and those are the parts you miss.

To all involved that I have had the pleasure working with I say, thank you. Thank you to all of the builders and contractors, the foremen, the architects, the engineers, the framers, the drywall specialists, the cabinet designers, the painters, the plumbers, the electricians, the HVAC specialists, the tilers, the trim designers and carpenters, the installers, the landscapers, the handymen, the cleaners, and any extra people that are needed and used (I am sure I have forgotten a few). Thank you all for your hard work, passion and expertise on every job. You may be taken for granted from time to time but trust me, we see you and appreciate each and every one of you. When people see your completed work you should feel proud that you helped create that masterpiece.

And mostly I say thank you to my many clients who have chosen us and have given us their trust and loyalty. You have let us come into your lives and your homes. You have opened your doors for us and have allowed us to create your dreams. You have given us the passion and drive to strive for the very best. Thank you!

So the finale is never a true finale—it’s a moment. A moment and experience that you will always remember, cherish and be thankful for. We are all blessed to have those moments and may we continue to make many more.


  1. Jose Luis Camacho
    June 4, 2017

    Very good , you touch my heart , nice words !!!

  2. Heather Matthews
    June 5, 2017

    I am so proud of your business and you as a person. I cherish our friendship and the time we spent together putting my home together. How fun to do that with one of my dearest and lifelong friends. My home is beautiful, thank you. I know you are contributing in awesome ways where you are now and I’m excited that you are having a new adventure!! I know your family is appreciating it the most. Good luck and thanks again for all the special touches!
    Love you,

  3. Carey and Betty Custer
    June 5, 2017

    Thank you just does not seem enough on our behalf. Every time someone walks into our mountain home, you can see the look of amazement on their faces. They rave about never seeing anything like it. It is truly a work of art. You are so gifted and talented at what you do. You have the patience of Jobe, and always wear that big beautiful smile on your face even thou you have worked until you are ready to drop. Good luck in your new ventures. They are so lucky to have you!


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