The Finale

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I completed a beautiful new construction last week after working with some wonderful clients for eight months. This journey like many others included the selection of everything—tile, countertops, interior and exterior paint and stone, roofing, trim, flooring, lights, hardware, ceiling designs, trim designs, layouts, fabric, etc. It was also amazing because I truly got to […]

The golden poison…

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I DESPISE snakes and am dreadfully afraid of them. So why am I salivating over this gold cobra?  It’s the golden poison, I guess!

Stitchery Animal Hooks…OH MY!!

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As you probably already know, I am such a sucker for animals dressed up in people clothes. And stitched animals makes it even better!!! What a steal from Anthropologie at $20!      

The Joy of Empty Nesting & Downsizing

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I had the utmost pleasure working with an amazing couple that became empty nesters and wanted to downsize and minimize how they lived. We began after they had just purchased a quaint, new, unfinished 3 bedroom townhouse which was a significant change from their traditional styled 3500 sf fully furnished home. They started fresh with […]

Fabulous Felt

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Who knew that felt would have such a wonderful impact in the design world. It can be manipulated, laser cut, wrapped, folded, etc. into many forms. Take a look at these creative uses of felt. It might make you think twice about throwing your scraps away. You probably wouldn’t have ever dreamed this beauty up… […]

One HOT Bookcase!

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I’m salivating over this new beauty from PolArt! This is by far the hottest bookcase I have ever seen. Simply stunning…bottom line!!

Pulley Light Debut

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I am LOVING this new pulley light designed by Architects & Heroes Interiors for Four Hands that will be introduced during Market this weekend! A&H are the leading designers of counter balanced pulley lights and I can’t wait to see their entire collection!

Ask the Designer: Lofting it!

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Ok Tracy, this one’s for you and thanks for asking such great questions! Here’s the questions I received: 1. How to decorate for an open loft space, where decisions need to be considered holistically and keeping in mind… 2. Decorating rental spaces (i.e., not painting the white walls, but making them feel less generic (and […]

Ask the Designer…

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I am starting an “Ask the Designer” Wednesday blog. If you have any questions about your house and/or decor and want free advice, please let me know. I will select the questions in the order I receive them and will blog about them on Wednesdays. Please ask, I am here to help!!!

Tip Tuesday: Trim Colors

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Everyone thinks that choosing your paint colors will change your whole room, and to some degree, they are right. However, selecting the proper trim color is extremely important as well (and no, all whites and ivories aren’t the same)! Picking a trim color is very difficult because some have grey, pink, yellow, green or blue […]