Tip Tuesday: Easy Holiday Decor Change

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Want an inexpensive instant decor change before the holidays? You can have a completely different look by just changing and adding a few minor items in your room. Just pick a color(s) and go for it! For example, all you need to do to successfully change your look in your living room is change the […]

White Coco Twigs

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I am in love with anything white! Found these beautiful whitewashed coco twigs that would look fantastic as a holiday centerpiece, across a mantle, or grouped in a vase in the corner of a room.

Real Simple Gift Guide Favorites

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Of course you probably know my love for magazines and the December Real Simple gift guide (50 Gifts For Under $50) is truly my favorite issue of the year. I get so giddy when I receive it in the mail and can’t wait to see what they have selected. So, here are my faves that […]

Etsy Find Fridays: Hand Made Napkins

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Tis’ the season for selecting some great napkins that speak for themselves when your guests sit around your table during the holidays. Let them be your conversation pieces! Navy Poppy Napkins: Animal Napkins: Acid Green Urban Letterpress Napkins: Linen Napkins: Gray Peacock Napkins: Cherry Sneezy Sheets: (they are listed as “handkerchiefs” but are so cute […]

Rose and Radish is back!

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  One of my favorite boutiques, Rose and Radish, is back online now after moving to a new location. Based out of San Francisco, their motto is that ‘living with objects you love makes you happy.’ This makes me happy too, and I’m excited they’re back! You can always count on their store to have […]

Hot Item Purchased… Steal of a Deal!!

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Found this awesome retro Flip Clock by Innovative Technology from Urban Outfitterson our adventures in Charlottesville, VA this weekend for only $9.99! It is going to be a nice little addition to a new bachelor pad I am designing in Richmond, VA. See, you don’t have to spend a lot of moola on some funky […]

Etsy Find Friday: ACORNS!

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With the fall season in full effect, I thought it would be fun to peruse Etsy for some seasonal trinkets and art work. In my case, fall means making wonderful comfort food recipes, trips to the mountains, and the sound of little acorns bouncing on our roof every few minutes. Depending on your perspective, our […]

Day 4: Market Favorite Designers/Collections

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Made Goods. Mirrors that make you go, ‘Yum!’ We stumbled across a small studio called Made Goods who’s motto is to create mirrors that are design focal points. These mirrors range from the super clean to the super organic. Glamorous and bold, all are unique and inspired from strong antique forms or natural elements. Best […]

Day 1: Market Favorite Designers/Collections

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I will do my best to feature a different designer/collection that peaked my interest during Market this season every day this week. There was A LOT to see and so much eye candy that I just wanted to start all over with my house… again :). However, there was only about 7 or 8 collections […]

Mini Interior Design

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Meet Michael Williams…he’s a graphic designer, photographer, and fashion doll collector who creates amazingly detailed and rich dioramas to photograph for magazines and his own amusement. In one of his latest endeavors called, Haute Dollhouse, he took inspiration from Jonathan Adler’s catalog and meticulously crafted mini-Adler objects and interiors for his dioramas. The result is […]