Real Simple Gift Guide Favorites

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Of course you probably know my love for magazines and the December Real Simple gift guide (50 Gifts For Under $50) is truly my favorite issue of the year. I get so giddy when I receive it in the mail and can’t wait to see what they have selected. So, here are my faves that […]

Rose and Radish is back!

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  One of my favorite boutiques, Rose and Radish, is back online now after moving to a new location. Based out of San Francisco, their motto is that ‘living with objects you love makes you happy.’ This makes me happy too, and I’m excited they’re back! You can always count on their store to have […]

Tip Tuesday: Buying Giclee Prints

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  A common issue I run across with my clients is helping them find original art that is both affordable and large (over 36″-72″). Options for original art in this size range are costly and difficult to find because the time and artistic skill required to create pieces this large result in fewer artists working […]

Etsy Find Friday: ACORNS!

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With the fall season in full effect, I thought it would be fun to peruse Etsy for some seasonal trinkets and art work. In my case, fall means making wonderful comfort food recipes, trips to the mountains, and the sound of little acorns bouncing on our roof every few minutes. Depending on your perspective, our […]

Expensive Crayons

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Who knew crayons would be used for something other than coloring and also be so artistically expensive! Love it! Yes, the following sculptures are purely made from Crayola Crayons. The Nashville, TN artist, Herb Williams, creates original sculptures out of individual crayons that may require as many as hundreds of thousands. He also casts the completed crayon sculptures […]

Etsy Find Friday: Vintage Zodiac Posters

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  I stumbled upon these vintage poster gems by Simboli Designs and need someone to put a set of them in their home. The colors are fantastic, the illustration work is graphic and bold, and they have a timeless quality about them that really gives them life. Per their store “in 1969, Poster Prints commissioned […]

Etsy Find Fridays

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Porcelain Pillows by Stepanka Ceramics Love these 3D pieces of art! And no, they aren’t for sleeping on. Each of these uniquely crafted wall hangings were hand built using slabs, with an original drawing etched into the clay, glazed in some parts and fired in a gas kiln. forever- wall pillow $185.00 stepi xo- wall pillow […]

Etsy Find Friday: HEALTHY DECOR!

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What better way to keep you in tip-top shape than with this clever, ‘Apple a Day’ letterpress poster on Etsy by Vik designs. This poster scoffs at online interactions by reminding us of one of our favorite elementary school day interactions…slapping a sticker on a chart. Letterpressed on 130# Strathmore stock with a tone varnish, […]

Check out this artist…

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I discovered Jennifer Khoshbin today for the first time and am amazed and in love… Check out her wonderfully creative artwork. You can instantly tell she has lots of patience when it comes to her work. These are just a taste of the treats she has created… “transformations”: Paper Covered Resin Animal Heads and Bugs […]

Etsy Find Fridays

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  Stumbled upon this artist’s gorgeous work on Etsy today while looking for some art for a new client. I can’t tell you how much I love these pieces and hope someone wants it in their house soon so I can purchase one of them. Anytime I see a mix of fashion and fine art […]