Tip Tuesday: Trim Colors

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Everyone thinks that choosing your paint colors will change your whole room, and to some degree, they are right. However, selecting the proper trim color is extremely important as well (and no, all whites and ivories aren’t the same)! Picking a trim color is very difficult because some have grey, pink, yellow, green or blue […]

Color Personality

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I’ve got color on my mind. So, here’s a little color psychology with tips for where to use these colors in your house or work space. I’ve added some additional commentary and ideas to the references below, but I want to thank Michele Bernhardt for her ‘Color Personality‘ article in House Beautiful¬†which I used as […]

Tip Tuesday

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  Smart Paint for Your Child’s Room Just thought I would share a fantastic and smart tip if you are planning on painting your child’s room or playroom at some point in the near future. Use Sherwin Williams Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex Paint.¬† This paint formula is extremely durable, washable and can withstand any […]

And the color is…

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As I am sure most of you know by now, because it is plastered all over the decor magazines out there, the color of the season is…Amethyst (also known as Violet). Amethyst, Violet, or some sort of jewel toned purple always comes back around about every two-three years to start the Fall collection. I am […]