The Finale

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I completed a beautiful new construction last week after working with some wonderful clients for eight months. This journey like many others included the selection of everything—tile, countertops, interior and exterior paint and stone, roofing, trim, flooring, lights, hardware, ceiling designs, trim designs, layouts, fabric, etc. It was also amazing because I truly got to […]

The golden poison…

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I DESPISE snakes and am dreadfully afraid of them. So why am I salivating over this gold cobra?  It’s the golden poison, I guess!

Stitchery Animal Hooks…OH MY!!

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As you probably already know, I am such a sucker for animals dressed up in people clothes. And stitched animals makes it even better!!! What a steal from Anthropologie at $20!      

The Joy of Empty Nesting & Downsizing

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I had the utmost pleasure working with an amazing couple that became empty nesters and wanted to downsize and minimize how they lived. We began after they had just purchased a quaint, new, unfinished 3 bedroom townhouse which was a significant change from their traditional styled 3500 sf fully furnished home. They started fresh with […]

Fit For A King

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I would love to have these Crystallized Henry VIII chairs in my dining room for our Thanksgiving feast! These spectacular “Tudors” chairs were designed by Martin Albert Interiors for Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House. Each chair is hand painted on linen and then Swarovski crystals are precisely applied as they drip down Henry VIII’s portrait and […]

Day 3: Market Favorite Designers/Collections

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So, on our last day of Market we were eagerly looking forward to visiting BoBo Intriguing Objects (BoBo= Bourgeois Bohemian). When we entered this eclectic attic of curiosities, peculiars, casegoods, and bohemian furniture we were definitely intrigued. It felt like we were traveling through a century of design objects accumulated and inspire from century old European […]

Day 2: Market Favorite Designers/Collections

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Phillips Collection is one of my new favorites because they do a great job of mixing high art and glam with organic shapes and forms. They’ve got a great line and they’re reasonably affordable. Here’s a few of the reasons why I loved the Phillips Collection…YUMMMM! Gold Tooth Crocodile Skull: Saber Tooth Tiger Skull: (bling-ed out!) […]

Nested Interiors mentioned on Carrington Court’s Blog

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The kind owners of Carrington Court took the time to blog about our recent collaboration and Nested Interiors. They mention the inspiration I had for the dining chair and their inclusion of it in their permanent collection. I feel fortunate for the opportunity to work with them and for the kind thoughts they posted on […]

Beach collection

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…and we are back from a much needed vacation. Of course I couldn’t dare go to the beach without spending time collecting something. So here’s my 4-day specimen sheet of shark teeth finds (and don’t think these aren’t going to pop up somewhere in my decor!).