Tip Tuesday: Buying Giclee Prints

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  A common issue I run across with my clients is helping them find original art that is both affordable and large (over 36″-72″). Options for original art in this size range are costly and difficult to find because the time and artistic skill required to create pieces this large result in fewer artists working […]

Hot Item Purchased… Steal of a Deal!!

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Found this awesome retro Flip Clock by Innovative Technology from Urban Outfitterson our adventures in Charlottesville, VA this weekend for only $9.99! It is going to be a nice little addition to a new bachelor pad I am designing in Richmond, VA. See, you don’t have to spend a lot of moola on some funky […]

Etsy Find Friday: ACORNS!

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With the fall season in full effect, I thought it would be fun to peruse Etsy for some seasonal trinkets and art work. In my case, fall means making wonderful comfort food recipes, trips to the mountains, and the sound of little acorns bouncing on our roof every few minutes. Depending on your perspective, our […]

Day 5: Market Favorite Designer/Collection

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Gus Design Group. Simple forms and honest materials make for good modern furniture. In contrast to many of my ‘bam and glam’ affinities, I do have a healthy respect and admiration for designers who understand the basic needs we have for designs that use carefully considered materials to create simple and elegant forms. Gus Design […]

Day 4: Market Favorite Designers/Collections

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Made Goods. Mirrors that make you go, ‘Yum!’ We stumbled across a small studio called Made Goods who’s motto is to create mirrors that are design focal points. These mirrors range from the super clean to the super organic. Glamorous and bold, all are unique and inspired from strong antique forms or natural elements. Best […]

Tip Tuesday: Decorative Bathroom Mirrors

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Unless you’ve designed or have plans to replace the hardware, tile, flooring, and fixtures in your bathroom, homeowners are left with a simple few elements to personalize this space. Replacing your standard contractor lighting is one relatively cheap and effective approach. Bath textiles such as towels, shower curtains, and window treatments are also cost-effective ways […]

Day 3: Market Favorite Designers/Collections

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So, on our last day of Market we were eagerly looking forward to visiting BoBo Intriguing Objects (BoBo= Bourgeois Bohemian). When we entered this eclectic attic of curiosities, peculiars, casegoods, and bohemian furniture we were definitely intrigued. It felt like we were traveling through a century of design objects accumulated and inspire from century old European […]

Day 2: Market Favorite Designers/Collections

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Phillips Collection is one of my new favorites because they do a great job of mixing high art and glam with organic shapes and forms. They’ve got a great line and they’re reasonably affordable. Here’s a few of the reasons why I loved the Phillips Collection…YUMMMM! Gold Tooth Crocodile Skull: Saber Tooth Tiger Skull: (bling-ed out!) […]

Day 1: Market Favorite Designers/Collections

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I will do my best to feature a different designer/collection that peaked my interest during Market this season every day this week. There was A LOT to see and so much eye candy that I just wanted to start all over with my house… again :). However, there was only about 7 or 8 collections […]

We are back!

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Yes, we are still in business!! (very much so I might add) I have to start out by saying that I am sorry for not blogging recently and sharing my love and thoughts with you. I can’t complain because I have been super busy with my clients and have had to give all my attention to […]